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$12.9 Million awarded in drug Aredia case


A three-week trial’s recent outcome awarded $12.9 million to the husband of a woman with severe jaw damage as a result of taking the drugs Aredia and Zometa.

The total award amount was reduced to $1.26 million due to the state’s laws limiting punitive damages, according to New York Injury Lawyers.

Jurors came to the conclusion that Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp., with U.S. headquarters in New Jersey was responsible for the woman’s injuries because they failed to warn the woman effectively about the effects of the drugs. Product Liability is often brought to firms in Long Island and Westchester County.

“The family is pleased the jurors saw the actions for what they were and they’re hoping that Novartis has heard the message,” An attorney in the case said. Another attorney said it “will probably be one of the largest injury awards in the state this year.”

The woman had apparently been taking the drugs for breast cancer had died of osteonecrosis – or bone death – of the jaw, N York Injury Lawyers report. She passed away last year from the breast cancer, according to court filings.

In the lawsuit, the victim’s husband charged that Novartis failed to notify his wife about the drugs’ possible effects fast enough, which stopper her dentists from taking precautionary measures that could have saved her from the jaw damage.

She experienced several dental surgeries and hyperbaric oxygen treatments, according to the lawsuit. In the end these surgeries and procedures poorly affected the quality of her last years of life, according to court reports.

After the woman’s death, her husband continued the case in her honor and as she had requested. “She wanted him to see it through,” his attorney said.

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