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$12 Million to Be Handed Out in Peanut Case, Says New York Injury Lawyer


One person, a West Virginia man, is going to get nearly $2.4 million out of a $12 million settlement following a salmonella outbreak. According to a New York Injury Lawyer, this is the largest share any single person will receive.

“Everything that could have gone wrong with you went wrong with him,” said the 59-year-old West Virginia man’s attorney to a New York Injury Lawyer. “He almost died.”

A federal judge recommended that the 122-claim settlement be approved. It included the claims of the families of nine people who had died, and 45 children who had been sickened.

Settlements involving the children will range from $15,000 to $395,008, a New York Injury Lawyer has learned. The wrongful death cases could settle for between $98,752 and $987,520.

“My clients have been through a lot,” another attorney told a New York Injury Lawyer. The attorney represented two of the wrongful death claimants and 18 of the sickened children. “They have mounting medical bills … they really want closure.”

Salmonella was found in a container of peanut butter in January of 2009, leading to recalls of the product and those it supplied to other manufacturers. The company with the tainted peanut butter began filing for bankruptcy in February 2009.

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