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Attorney killed in car crash, states Nassau Injury Lawyer

A deputy attorney for Nassau County was killed in an automobile accident at the
intersection of Maple Avenue and Ellison Avenue. The incident was caused by the driver
of a stolen 2010 Hyundai Elantra. Police from an unmarked car told New York Personal
Injury Lawyers that they witnessed the driver failing to stop for two stop signs before
crashing into the driver’s side of the attorney’s sedan. They had just turned on their
lights to pursue the Elantra, and were a block and a half away when the collision
occurred. There is no evidence at present that he knew cops were following him for his
reckless driving. He was hospitalized after the wreck at Nassau University Medical
Center. The victim, who had just attended case conferences in court, died at the scene.
A third vehicle was also involved in the incident, however the operator of that car was
treated and released. The Elantra driver currently faces charges of second-degree
manslaughter, and following further investigation, could be confronted with additional
allegations. Arraignment has not been scheduled yet. New York Injury Lawyers
do not have any details at this time about the theft of the Elantra, or why the driver was
driving so carelessly. The deputy lawyer was a well respected mentor and trial attorney
that had been with Nassau County since October 1973. Colleagues and coworkers are
deeply grieved at the loss of their friend. A New York Injury Lawyer was told
that this is not the type of man that can be replaced.

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