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Strip-search case in negotiations, according to a Staten Island Injury Lawyer

Nassau County Correctional Center once strip-searched inmates, even those arrested for
minor crimes, until 1999 after a federal judge ruled that the practice was
unconstitutional. The procedure involved full body and cavity searches, without any
privacy or cover. Over seventeen thousand people are hoping for an award of $10,000
each for being subjected to the humiliating and degrading act for a grand total
settlement of $177 million, says New York Injury Lawyers. County attorneys
have filed a counter offer of $200 or less for each person, bringing the total to no greater
than $3.5 million. One of the plaintiffs in the case was a former teacher arrested on an
unspecified charge in 1996. She testified that she was instructed by a female
correctional officer to remove all her clothing, while submitting to a search of her private
areas. It has already been established that the former inmates should not have been
invaded in such a manner, and now the federal judge presiding over the matter has to
make a determination of the damages, if any, to be assigned. The judge first will decide
if any award will go to the entire group due to the general loss of the dignity of a human.
Then he will contend if any additional settlement would be necessary for mental anguish
and pain and suffering. The county attorneys stated to New York Injury
Lawyers that they are prepared to appeal any damage settlements, including those
made to the group as a whole, based on the theory of the judge in this case is

If your dignity has been stripped away from you through an unconstitutional act, do not
stay silent thinking no one can help you. There are New York Personal Injury Attorneys
available to fight for your right to be treated with decency. Let their proficiency in these
cases work for you. Call a New York Personal Injury Attorney, and they will battle for
your rights.

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