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New Jersey family suffers another loss, says Brooklyn Injury Lawyer

A New Jersey family is mourning the loss of a daughter after a fatal accident while on
vacation. Four years ago, the family laid to rest one of their daughters who had been
killed in a rock climbing incident. Now, they are saying good-bye to yet another daughter
after a crocodile attacked and killed the young woman, according to a New York Injury Lawyer. The 25 year old Morristown art student was snorkeling at a resort in the
tropics of India when the animal struck suddenly, clamping down with its deadly jaws
and pulling her to her death. She was accompanied by a friend during the expedition off
Radhanagar Beach located on Havelock Island in Andaman. Her body was found washed
up on a nearby beach the following day. The friend reported to New York Personal Injury
Lawyers that the tragic ordeal was caught on video. The woman’s sister, a 24 year old
school teacher, had been rock climbing in Washington state in 2006, when she
plummeted to her death. Relatives told New York Personal Injury Lawyers that the
parents are devastated to lose two precious daughters to such horrific events. It is
undetermined if there will be any criminal charges filed against the resort or other
persons regarding this incident, as it appears to just be an unfortunate accident caused
by nature. There was no indication to New York Personal Injury Lawyers if the attack
occurred in a public access area or in a restricted part of the beach.

New York Personal Injury Attorneys are there for families who have lost loved ones in an
unnecessary accident. If you or a family member has been affected by a tragedy, you
may have recompense available to you. Contact a New York Injury Attorney
today to find out how they can assist you.

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