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3 Injured when Six-Year-Old Brings Gun to School


During lunch at a Texas elementary school last week, a loaded pistol dropped from the pants of a six-year-old male pupil and discharged, injuring him and two other students in the lower extremities. It is thought that one bullet or fragments of the same bullet caused all the injuries. All three children were reportedly in stable condition and were smiling and playing video games by that afternoon, according to a Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyer.

At this time, investigators are trying to determine how the boy came into possession of a gun in order to bring it to campus without anyone knowing and stopping him. The boy’s parents have so far been unavailable for comment. Texas Child Protective Service officials planned to speak with the family within 24 hours.

The punishment for having a gun is expulsion for one year. It is unclear if that punishment is carried out in each case.

Approximately 25 kindergarteners were eating lunch when the gun discharged. As other students began coming into the cafeteria, officials at the school rerouted them back to their classrooms. The 470-student campus went into lockdown which lasted about 45 minutes.

As parents reached the school to pick up their children, they saw yellow police tape and numerous squad cars. The injured students were removed from campus via stretchers in ambulances. The school planned extra security for the following day and employed a crisis intervention team of counselors and psychologists.

The mother of one of the injured students was relieved that her five-year-old was safe. She said she didn’t feel any anger and believed in forgiveness. “I’m not upset,” she said. “I can’t explain it – probably because I’m just so happy my child is alive. That’s all I care about.” Her daughter had a minor foot injury.

The family of the other injured student reported to a New York Injury Lawyer that he suffered scratches and bruises and was already asking to return to school. “It is a sad situation that took place, but we are thankful our son is in good spirits.”

The grandparent of an uninjured student, however, insisted “This is a problem. This is a serious problem and it needs to stop.” Others invariably agree with her, and it appears that school officials followed protocol and will try to discover why this event took place and what they can do to prevent it in the future. This time, the injuries and disruption were minor; there is no guarantee next time will be the same.

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