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4 people suffer injury after a Police car crashes in Massapequa, NY. Reports a New York Injury Lawyer

Nassau County Police had been driving north on Broadway when it was involved in a car accident. Reports state the police car had in lights flashing while the accident occurred, but do not state where the car was headed. The police car crashed into a Dodge Charger that had two people inside. The Charger was heading westbound. Both occupants of the Charger suffered injury, as did the two police officers involved in the crash. All four people were taken to Nassau County Medical Center for treatment on their injuries. Nassau County Medical Center is located at 2201 Hempstead Turnpike, East Meadow, NY 11554. The passengers of the Charger both suffered head injury. One officer sustained injury to his leg, the other suffered injury to his head. The were no drugs involved and no charges of Drug Possession was brought by the authorities.

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