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A boat crash near the Wantagh Parkway, NY leaves the boat’s passengers with many injury, reports a NY Injury Lawyer

A 40 foot power boat Hustler Classic that held 7 passengers crashed in to the marsh in Long Island near the Wantagh Parkway. The group had just been at Bracco’s Clam and Oyster Bar in Freeport, NY buying seafood to take home. Freeport has many water accessible bars and restaurants on Woodcleft Canal. It is unclear at this time if alcohol was the cause of the crash. Nassau County Police believe the boat’s driver was disoriented by the night’s full moon and got off course, and when he tried to correct the direction of the boat, he hit the marsh. Upon impact, the passengers were thrown off of the boat and onto the marsh. Every passenger on the boat suffered injury. Three people suffered a fatal injury. Two of the passengers sustained injury to the neck, one passenger fractured both legs and the other sustained an injury to the head. They were all airlifted to Nassau University Medical Center; located at 2201 Hempstead Turnpike, East Meadow NY 11554. The four surviving passengers were listed in stable condition.

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