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A Drummer’s tragedy in Brooklyn, Family may need New York Injury Lawyer

A die-rock band’s drummer died as he tried to evacuate an elevator in Brooklyn. As the young rocker attended a Williamsburg Fundraiser at 338 Berry Street in Brooklyn, New York called “The uniform project” aided to help children in India’s slums. Jerry Fuchs and another male were stuck in the elevator as it stopped a few feet above the 5th floor. They tried to leap 5 stories. Unfortunately Fuchs hooded sweater got caught on the elevator as he jumped. He was forced into a space under the elevator and was found in the elevator shaft. Fuchs was transported to Bellevue Hospital which is located on 1st Avenue and 27th Street in Manhattan, NY, where he was then pronounced dead. Fuchs was a drummer for punk bands !!! [Pronounced “chk, chk, chk”] and LCD Soundsystem.

When a person has a duty to act if that duty is breeched and it results in the injury of another it may be considered as a personal injury. If you or a loved one is hurt or suffering from injuries due to someone else’s negligence you may need assistance from a New York Injury Lawyer. Here at Stephen Bilkis and Associates we have attorneys on standby ready to prepare your case. While many people can suffer serious injuries as the result of an accident, not every accident or injury results in a personal injury case. That is why it is important to have an experienced New York Injury Lawyer to differentiate an accountable personal injury case and to help you bring it forward.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates with its New York Injury Lawyers, has convenient locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area including Williams Bridge, NY. Our New York Injury Lawyers can provide you with advice to guide you through situations where an injury resulted because of another’s negligence. Without a New York Injury Lawyer you may lose your rights which may cost you a significant amount of money.

In addition to Injury Law Stephen Bilkis and Associates can recommend New York Criminal Lawyers who will help you.

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