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A family involved in a fatal car crash is survived by the father


A family involved in a fatal car crash is survived by the father who was injured after a pick-up truck hit their car. The man’s wife and two young children were killed instantly after their car was cut in half by another vehicle. The driver of that vehicle was also killed, states an New York Injury Lawyer.

The father was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for his injuries. The extent of those injuries is unknown at this time. The father should be released soon and now has to plan a funeral for his family. The children, ages five and two, were killed instantly and did not suffer. They were pronounced dead on the scene by emergency medical personnel. The wife was also pronounced dead at the scene as was the driver of the other vehicle.

It is unclear how this car accidentoccurred, but speed may have been a factor. The driver of the truck may not have seen the car or was trying to pass it which caused the accident. Further investigation is needed to determine the exact cause of the accident. The man in the truck may have suffered a medical emergency such as a stroke or heart attack at the time which caused him to lose control of his vehicle. A medical examiner’s report should provide law enforcement with important details as to the man’s medical condition at the time. This report will also reveal if the man was under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.

A Nassau County Personal Injury Lawyer points out that regardless of how the accident was caused; a father must now lay his family to rest. This must be a very difficult time for the family. Funeral arrangements are unknown at this time. The area where the accident occurred is small so everyone in the community is mourning for the loss of a young family. The 5-year old boy attended a local elementary school and many in the community were fond of him. It is unknown at this time where the funerals will be held for the family or the driver of the truck.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, it is important to speak to legal counsel right away. You could deserve compensation for your injuries, that can include reimbursement for lost income, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Act promptly however, as there are strict filing deadlines on these types of cases. If you miss these deadlines, you could lose your right to file an action.

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