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A Fatal Tragedy in Deer Park, NY…If you loved one is the victim of a wrongful death injury call a New York Injury Lawyer


A multi- car accidentoccurred on January fourth, 2009. The accident was located in Deer Park, New York.

On the night of the fourth, Rosario Provenzano Jr., 43, went out for a walk to purchase some Baskin-Robbins ice cream for his family. He had cerebral palsy so when he took too long to return home from Baskin-Robbins, his family went out looking for him. Provenzano’s father had a certain feeling when he and his family came upon a street that had been closed off because of an accident occurrence. Two different automobiles in the crash hit one person. Police tried to figure out whom the victim was when Provenzano’s father arrived at the scene. When Rosario’s wife, Sandra, asked the officer if the victim had ice cream, the policeman said yes.

Provenzano, of Yellowstone Boulevard in Rego Park, was allegedly returning to his parents’ house on White Oak Street in Deer Park. As he crossed Deer Park Avenue around nine p.m. that evening, he fell down. Then, a 2002 Ford Sport Utility vehicle driving northbound hit him. As Provenzano was suffering from the collision with the Ford vehicle, a 2002 Kia Sportage crashed into him. The driver of the Ford was Sean Arena, 20, of Deer Park; the driver of the Kia was Adam Asch, 39, of Deer Park.

Provenzano was killed at the scene of the accident. He will be receiving an autopsy by the county medical examiner. His funeral will be on Tuesday, January sixth at Nativity-Blessed Virgin Mary in Ozone Park, New York. Provenzano was a maintenance man for a New York City agency. Provenzano’s stepmother, mother, father, and three siblings are despondent overr the loss of their loved one.

Any relative of the victim of a tradgic wrongfully death crash should engage the aid of a New York Injury Lawyer. It is unclear as to which vehicle dealt the fatal blow to this innocent man as they both hit him. With aid of a New York Injury Lawyer there are ways through accident reconstruction to find out who is responsible for this truly sad happening.

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