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A Man Arrested Over Disability Claims reports a New York Criminal Lawyer


Anyone who has tried to apply for disability knows that not only is it time consuming and frustrating, the chances of actually receiving disability when first applying is practically naught. So, in many cases, workers who are applying for disability look for someone with experience in this area to help them. And, the criminal charges against a man who has been accused of operating a side business by guiding fellow employees on how to apply for benefits from their job were dismissed but came with a cost.

The Law Office of Steven Bilkis and Associates and its New York Injury Lawyers are available to lend advice to just such individuals. In this case, three remaining charges were dismissed because the man agreed to resign from his job as a budget analyst, pay a $1,500 fine, and file amended tax returns in addition to being prohibited from working as a public official again. Apparently this man was not only operating a side business to help employees skirt the technicalities of the disability application, he had not reported the money to the IRS that he was paid by the individuals.

This is generally considered a white-collar crime, however, this man is no stranger to the law. He was originally arrested two years ago on charges of misconduct and receiving reward for official misconduct. Both of these crimes are felonies. The man was lucky enough to have a Judge dismiss 48 of the 53 charges. The judge stated that although the moonlighting may have been unethical, it was not illegal. The remaining charges of petty larceny and offering a false instrument would be dismissed as well if the man abided by the terms. Obviously, the man was suspended from his job without pay after the arrest.

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