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A New York Injury Lawyer wants Kiwanuka to have the right the right to sue the Redskins OT Chris Samuel.

New York Giant Mathias Kiwanuka barely avoided a catastrophic injury as a result or a cheap shot by Chriss Samuels, reports this New York Injury Lawyer. On one of the Washington Redskins last offensive plays of the game, the New York Giants defensive end Kiwannuka, was clearly the victim of an illegal cut. Skins offensive tackle Chris Samuels was beat with a speed rush by the NewYork end, which resulted in, the Kiwanuka having a clean shot at Redskins Quarterback Jason Campbell.

In order to protect his quarterback and quite possibley his ego, Samuels dove at the back of the New York’s defensive end’s legs, rolling up on his ankle. Kiwanuka went down and it appeared he had suffered a serious injury. The New York end had suffered a season ending injury last year when he fractured his leg and had a serious ankle sprain. This clearly was intentional and this New York injury lawyer believes that in these circumstances of the attempt by the Washington tackle should result in a lawsuit if serious injury ensues as a reult of this kind of cheap behavior. This type of behavior can’t be condoned. Just because Samuel was penalized doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be responsible for his actions.

Punitive damages should be considered in a cases like these if the injury turns out to be serious. In this instant the injury appeared to be serious but upon later examination the New York defensive end said she should be fine and the injury was minor.

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