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A New York Personal Injury Lawyer reports a Queens couple suing after receiving injury from “Perfect Pullup”

Perfect Fitness Corp. makes a workout out device called the “Perfect Pullup”. The “Perfect Pullup” is a pullup bar that fits in your doorframe. The equiptment allows you to utilize your muscles in different ways and even sells additional pieces that can allow you to work your abdominals. A doctor and his wife from Queens County claim their device was defective. The husband had been using it in their doorway, when one of the handles broke. He fell onto the floor on his knees, causing serious injury. According to a New York Injury Lawyer, their lawsuit, filed in Queens County Supreme Court, claims his injury was to both knees. As a result, his anesthesiology practice has suffered. His wife has also filed a lawsuit against Perfect Fitness, claiming her relationship with her husband has suffered due to his injury.

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