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A NYC woman is hit on the head by a stuffed moose in a Manhattan bar. She may need a New York Injury Lawyer

Raina Kumra, a 32 year old New York City resident was at White Slab Palace in the Lower East Side of Manhattan this past October when she was injured. The restaurant which is located at 77 Delancy Street, New York NY 10002, is known for is Scandinavian décor and atmosphere. Kumra was in the restaurant late one evening when a 150 pound stuffed moose head fell off of the wall onto her. Kumra suffered a concussion. She also has had chronic neck pain, dizziness, fatigue and anxiety since the accident. She has filed a lawsuit against White Slab Palace and the art gallery owner who helped open the restaurant. The lawsuit was filed in New York City Supreme Court; located at 60 Centre St., NY, NY 10007. Reports do not indicate how much the lawsuit is asking for or if any Criminal charges are about to be filed against anyone connected with the restaurant.

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