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A Queens woman receives $65K from a Personal Injury lawsuit against the NYPD reports a New York Injury Lawyer

Naeema Screven had filed a lawsuit against the New York Police Department in 2007 after she was sprayed with pepper spray. Early 2007, Screven had been running to catch a train, and had run down an up- only staircase to avoid the crowd at the busy Broadway station in Brooklyn, NY. A NYPD Officer claimed he saw Screven’s purse hit several people along the way, so he stopped her and asked for her identification. Screven realized she did not have any identification on her and started dialing a family member to bring it for her. While she was dialing, the police officer sprayed her in the face with pepper spray. The NYPD Officer then arrested Screven for disorderly conduct. She was kept in police custody for over 14 hours. Screven and her New York Injury Lawyer filed a lawsuit against the NYPD in Brooklyn Federal Court based on the over zealous action of the officer. The Court ruled in Screven’s favor and she was awarded $65,000.00 in May 2010.

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