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A young Queens boy suffers injury and a New York Injury Lawyer files a lawsuit against the city.

Kite fighting has become a popular “sport” in Queens County lately. It originated in South Asia and has made its way into American culture from movies and books. The fighters use kites that an abrasive wire line to try to cut the other fighters kite. These fights have been happening regularly in Flushing Meadows Corona Park; which is located in Flushing Meadows, NY. A stray kite had made its way to Flushing, NY where 12 year old Jared Koeloff was skateboarding down his street. The wire slashed his throat. The injury was so bad the boy had to get rushed to the hospital where he received almost 500 stitches to close the wound. He also lost 2 lymph nodes due to the incident. Queens County Police found the kite on the roof of the building. The report it had also 300 yards of glass encrusted wire attached. The wire is so sharp; it has to be reeled on a power drill instead of a normal kite reel. Koeloff’s family has filed a lawsuit against the city claiming the city knew these potentially dangerous fights have been going on and have not stopped them. The also claim the city failed to remove the hanging wire at the construction site that caused such injury to the young boy. Although there were severe injuries involved and other persons also involved, there have so far been no criminal charges filed in this case.

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