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Accusations of discrimination prompt lawsuit against SoHo Apple store

A lawsuit filed against a SoHo Apple store by a former employee alleges discrimination based upon a mental health disorder, tells a source. The woman filing the lawsuit claims that she took a leave of absence due to mental instability, and once cleared by a psychiatrist to return to work, did so with the understanding that her previous condition would not hinder her return to work.

According to a friend, however, after her four month leave of absence, upon her return to work it was obvious to the woman that the other employees and in particular the Human Resources director of the company did know of her prior condition. The woman claims that she was treated poorly, her job was cut, she was replaced by another worker and then put in what they called a “holding pattern” until they could find a place for her. She was moved to the basement office where she had nothing constructive to do. The woman moved to Chicago after Apple had told her that she could work in their Chicago office, but that job fell through as well.

The person stated that the woman is suing for back pay, lost wages and at least $300,000 in punitive damages. There is no word yet as to how Apple will handle this situation. In another case of discrimination filed against Apple, a 60 year old man has charged that he was treated unfairly because of his age. Discrimination is one of the leading causes of lawsuits filed against employers. In The Bronx and Long Island these laws are similar to the one in this case.

If you have been discriminated against because of mental health, age, physical disability or any other reason, call a New York Injury Attorney today for representation. Discrimination in the workplace is against the law. A New York Injury Attorney can help you with your case.

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