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Alabama Reminds Oil Spill Victims of Deadline to File Lawsuit


The Governor of the State of Alabama as well as the Alabama Attorney General are both reminding and urging all of the victims of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill to submit their claims to the federal court before the April 20 deadline, sources revealed to a New York Injury Lawyer. That is the deadline that the federal court in New Orleans has set for people to file claims against the rig’s owner, Transocean.

The Alabama Attorney General has been especially vocal about the apparent lack of cooperation with the BP claim processing that has taken place since the company began processing and disbursing claim payments, a Westchester Personal Injury Lawyer was told. This is in contrast to the claims that the processing center has made about recently reaching a milestone and having processed about half of the claims against BP. He recently commented that, “Quit dragging your feet and stalling the large majority of claims to a point where victims are so desperate that they settle for anything.

Alabama’s governor and attorney general have reportedly taken a larger role than the previous administration and have vowed to fight for the area since they believe it was harder hit when the oil spill washed ashore after the oilrig exploded.

When the Deepwater Horizon oilrig exploded and allowed untold millions of barrels of crude oil to flow into the Gulf of Mexico, no one could know what hazards would be experienced, nor how far the damage would go. While the oil spill was allegedly contained and the oil well itself was capped, hundreds, if not thousands of people continue to struggle with how to cope with the aftermath of this manmade disaster. Time has been too short to determine the long-term physical, psychological, and emotional affects that await its victims, just as the environmental damage may also not manifest itself for many years.

As the governments, oil executives, judges, and lawyers all make their arguments both for and against each other; the government of the State of Alabama is asking its citizens to beat the deadline for including their claims in the federal lawsuit. This seems to be the only way they will receive anything for their lives being untracked, and in many cases completely destroyed.

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