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Albany bar owner found not guilty in assault case, reports New York Injury Lawyer


The owner of an Albany bar who was accused of initiating an assault on a Times Union reporter in October 2008 has been found not guilty of the crime, says a New York Injury Lawyer. The verdict comes more than two years after the reporter, a food critic, was beaten and assaulted by two brothers, one a professional fighter. The incident occurred after the reporter had apparently given harsh criticism of the establishment in his reviews.

According to the New York City Injury Lawyer, the owner of the bar was overheard making statements about wanting to have the food critic beaten up, and phone calls on the day of the attack between the bar owner and the two brothers were made. Even so, the jury did not have enough evidence to convict the owner of the bar for initiating the attack against the reporter. It was all circumstantial evidence, and apparently not admissible in court. Premises Liability could also be charged had this incident happened in Long Island or Manhattan.

Neither of the two brothers involved in the assault received jail time over the incident. One of the brothers had his jail time waived after agreeing to cooperate in the case against the bars owner, and the other brother had his case thrown out after mistakes were made in the trial. The victim of the assault was understandably unhappy with the not guilty verdict, but was quoted as saying that he had respect for the decision, and that, regardless of the outcome, he is happy to put the ordeal behind him and move on with his life.

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