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Alleged Drunk Driver Collides with Pole in Corpus Christi, Texas


A man drove his vehicle into a parked car, knocking down a power pole, police in Texas explained.

The car accidenthappened before 2 a.m., early in April 2011. The 40-year-old driver ran into a another car, then spun around and collided with a power pole, knocking it into a tree. Texas utility officials reported that customers suffered a loss of power and a crew was quickly at work to repair the damage.

The driver of the was taken to the hospital. His injuries were deemed to be non life-threatening and his blood was drawn to check it for blood alcohol content. He may yet be charged with driving while intoxicated, according to a NY Personal Injury Lawyer. As of last word on the driver’s condition, he was still in the hospital, but this information came only a few hours after the accident.

The world can be a dangerous place and no one can know what’s going to happen next. Accidents can happen to anyone, but sometimes accidents that injure people could have been avoided. Instances of negligence, or recklessness, can cause immense damage or harm, resulting in loss of property, or even loss of money, or the ability to work. One simple accident can change the lives of those they affect. This is what makes a New York Personal Injury Lawyer so important in these situations.

Consider what happens when someone is out of work for even a relatively minor accident. Those are wages lost and time lost, not to mention pain and suffering that wasn’t necessary. Sometimes standard compensation just isn’t enough to support all those costs. Sometimes, for whatever reason, there is no standard compensation. Hospital bills can mount up, or maybe the victim is unable to work in the same way as before the accident. Families still need to be cared for, regardless of all this. Financial compensation is an absolute necessity, which might very well mean going to court to get that compensation. The voice you have representing you legally may make all the difference in the outcome of that trial.

If you have been injured, it is important to take prompt action and contact skilled legal counsel right away. While these accidents leave emotional and physical scars that can a lifetime to heal, you can receive just compensation for your injuries. There are stringent time deadlines on personal injury claims, known as the statute of limitations. If these deadlines are missed, you can lose your right to file a claim permanently.

Have you or a loved one been injured in a way that should never have happened? Contact Stephen Bilkis and Associates for advice and guidance. If your injury occurred because of the negligence of another, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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