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Alleged Drunk Driver Injures State Trooper


A Massachusetts state trooper was struck by a vehicle at approximately 4:50 a.m. Sunday morning during a traffic stop on I-93, a New York Injury Lawyer has learned. The trooper was injured when a driver slammed into the trooper’s parked vehicle, which then slid into the trooper. The 40-year old man taken into custody and charged with “operating under the influence, operating to endanger, failure to move over for an emergency vehicle and a marked lanes violation,” according to a police spokesman.

Within minutes, emergency medical personnel arrived on the scene to assist the injured trooper. Once he had been stabilized, he was then taken to Boston Medical Center. He suffered from leg injuries which may have included a broken boneand was listed in stable condition.

This is not the first crash that has left a State Trooper injured due to a traffic accident. As recently as this past Wednesday, a 54-year old trooper was seriously injured by a vehicle that had crossed the median and struck his police cruiser head on. It is unknown at this time what charges were filed in that incident, or as to the condition of the officer.

State Police have further commented that this makes at least the 12th serious crash that has occurred in the last 15 months. In each of these, a trooper received injuries because of erratic driving, speeding, or suspected impaired driving.

According to a Westchester County Personal Injury Lawyer, many states, including Massachusetts, have enacted laws that are designed to protect police, firefighters, paramedics, tow truck drivers, and all roadside emergency and maintenance professionals that as part of their job function are required to work along the sides of the roads and highways. These laws are often called “Move Over Laws.” The Massachusetts move over law was enacted on March 22, 2009. Of course, laws can mean very little to those drivers who have chosen to ignore or blatantly violate them. Just one case in point, those drivers on the highways who choose to drink and drive are likely to place everyone in danger, and lack the cognizance to recognize the situation and move over. These drivers are some of the greatest risks to everyone.

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