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Arod should sue Daniel Cabrera says a New York Injury Lawyer


To many times pitchers throw at ballplayers without fear of retribution.The excuses that are used include: this is part of the game or they were backing them off the plate. The reasons go on and on. Major league baseball suspends the pitchers but the practice contiues. So the question is does baseball really want to stop it ? Case in point is Daniel Cabrera.

Cabrera is suspended for throwing at New York Yankees 3rd baseman A-Rod.This New York injury lawyer thinks the suspension should be longer.

Baltimore Oriole pitcher Daniel Cabrera was suspended by major league baseball for what amounts to one missed start after hitting New York Yankees third baseman. A-Rod suffered only a minor injuryto his arm; however this he was lucky. Within 2 weeks, Cabrera has hit the New York third baseman twice. the most recent incident and on a prior meeting in New York. A-Rod homered off of Cabrera which set th is string of events off. In the New York 3rd baseman’s next at bat Cabrera drilled him in the arm causing a serious bruise. The injury didn’t sideline A-Rod but had to have effected his abiltiy to swing the bat.

As practical matter A Rod was assaulted and if a serious injury resulted, Cabrera should be liable according to the New York injury lawyer and the law because the facts point to it being intentional. In a personal statement, Cabrera denied intentionally throwing at A-Rod.

All it would take is one law suit with punitive damages for millions against one ball player and this practice would stop. Kids all over Amereica are brushing people back and throwing inside and they don’t posess the controll of these professionals. There was recent report of a child getting beaned and suffering a head injury by this practice and it needs to be stopped

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