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Be Careful, A Teen Driver’s Lack of Experience can cause Personal Injury to them and others and if you are injured as a result of this, contact a New York Injury Lawyer



Are your children old enough? I bet they think they are ready to get the permit and hit the road. Be careful after you make the decision to let the kid ont he road as tough a choice is waiting. So you but them on your insurance to save money or pay the higher premium and buy the insurance under their name. If your child is covered under your insurance you may have saved money in the short run, but if there is an accident you will become personally liable for the damages of his accident. Especially, if they exceed your insurance policy limit says a New York Injury Lawyer.

If you choose to cover them under your policy, be smart and try and reduce the probability that your teen will involved in a car accident, thus reducing the risk of injury to them and injury to other drivers or pedestrians. The last thing you need is their health at risk and a call from a New york injury attorney asking you who is your insurance carrier. Any experiened New York Injury Lawyer limit yoru liability start by following these safe driving tips.

1) Be a good role model. If you observe traffic signs and speed limits, there is a greater liklihood your child will. Learned behavcior is important to so teach your children the proper way to drive.

2) Always put on your seat belt and make sure your chilid does as well. The most significant way to reduce serious injury is to wear it. Proportionatly most serious injuries occur as a result not wearing seat belts. Always check to see that your teen has it on.

3) Kids think they are invincible, and therefore no injury or damage can come to them. As experienced adults history has taught us that is untrue. Let the young drivers know that there are boundaries. Numerous studies have been conducted and the reults tell us that teenage drivers have more accidents and can become more easily distracted than their adult counterparts. Set rules about playing the radio, talking or texting on the cell phone and the number of passengers allowed in the car while your child is driving.

6) Finally, check for insurance discounts. Although insurance for teen drivers is very expensive, some insurers offer certain discounts. For example, some companies give discounts if your child is on the honor roll. Others offer discounts if the child completes an approved safe driving course.

Taking these steps can help your teen driver grow into a safe driver.

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