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Boat Captain Sues Philadelphia, Reports NYC Injury Lawyer


The captain of a tour boat has brought a lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia and the operators of a tugboat that pushed a city barge into the smaller tour boat, resulting in the deaths of two Hungarian tourists, sources told a New York Injury Lawyer.

The 59-year-old boat captain stated to a New York Injury Lawyer that he may not even recover from the injuries he suffered in the crash or be able to ever work in that capacity again.

The captain feared for his life when he was trapped underwater with his passengers in the Delaware River. According to him, the crash is the result of the negligence of the defendants. He suffered injuries to his back, head, neck, arms, and legs, sources told a New York Injury Lawyer.

The parents of the slain Hungarian tourists have also pressed their own lawsuits. The 33-foot tour boat was stalled in the river when the 250-foot barge ran into it. The crash threw all the passengers, the captain, and his deckhand overboard, trapping everyone under the barge.

All distress calls to the barge went unanswered, New York Injury Lawyers have learned. The captain had shut down his air horn, due to smoke coming from his electrical system, and the barge had no lookout.

“Although other vessels heard Duck Boat 34’s radio calls, the tugboat did not respond to [the captain’s] radio transmissions and did not change its course,” an attorney for the tour boat captain told a New York Injury Lawyer.

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