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Boy Hit by Car Survives


A 19-year old boy was involved in a hit-and-run car accidentwhile crossing the street. The man that hit him fled the scene but later called the police to report the incident. Recently, a grand jury charged him with failing to help the boy and for fleeing a crime scene. The boy has sustained major injuries and will require many months of rehabilitation in order to resume his life in as normal a way as possible.

The boy has trouble walking, talking and doing simple things that other people take for granted like holding a spoon when eating, showering or dressing. A spokesperson for the boy’s family has said that the boy has good days and bad days. The family has been very supportive and is hopeful that the boy will make a full recovery. The boy played sports in high school which may have reduced his risk of permanent injury.

The man who hit the boy and fled the scene will now face criminal charges in court. The family of the boy may sue the man in civil court to help pay medical expenses and rehabilitation costs. According to a New York Injury Lawyer, donations are also being accepted at the local bank in the town where the accident happened. Even though the boy has been released from the hospital, he must go to rehabilitation for at least three hours a day in order to recover from his injuries. This is not only costly, but also taxing on the boy because he has a limited amount of energy.

No timeline has been set for the boy’s recovery. Rehabilitation may take some time and the family of the boy is being patient and asking for those in the community to pray for him. As an athlete, the boy understands that he must complete a little each day in order to grow stronger. He also realizes that over time, he will begin to see results such as being able to speak, walk without the aid of a walker or can, and be able to perform everyday acts without assistance from family or physical therapists.

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