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Boys Orphaned As Mother Dies


So young and full of promise. And the good news is he is still alive. The bad news? His parents are not. A young boy, hopeful and happy and joyful and as so many said of him, a wonderful soul to be around, is now without parents, said a New York Injury Attorney. His mom and dad, the two people put on this earth to protect and love him and care for him, to feed him and clothe him, to make sure that when he cries at night he is not alone, have been ripped from him. Torn away from his breast, never again to return, all because of an accident, notes a NY Car Accident Lawyer. And worst of all: there are not one, but three boys. Three boys, now forever marked with as “orphans.”

Their father was already dead. Tragically, he was taken from them earlier this year after a long and painful battle with cancer. All they had left was their mother. And now she too is gone. Never again will she walk this mortal coil, all because of her car, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. She was driving down the highway, proceeding cautiously because of the icy conditions, when suddenly she was no longer driving but sliding. Sliding out of control, her car picking up momentum as it lost direction, and then it stopped. It stopped because he was slammed into by a truck, said a New York Car Accident Lawyer. A truck that had also been out of control.

The family will look after the boys. Compensation will be sought. But their mother will never return.

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