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Bus Driver Charged in DUI

A Stockton bus driver was arrested after police found her weaving on a California highway, according to a report. The bus driver had also run several vehicles off the road while she was swerving and driving erratically. Police were alerted to the situation and arrived before the bus driver could seriously injure someone. The bus driver was using the bus during non-school hours as she was caught on a Saturday evening.

The observer says that luckily no children were on the bus at the time the incident occurred. If children were on the bus when the incident occurred, the driver would be facing even more and serious charges than just an ordinary DUI arrest. The driver has been charged with driving under the influence and for driving under the influence with a blood alcohol level higher than the legal limit of .08. There is no word on the status of the bus driver’s job.

The bus driver was charged and then later released. She will face possible jail time and fines for her crime. The judge will also decide if she will be allowed to drive the bus in the future for any school district. The police believe that the bus driver will face the charges later in the spring. Depending on if this is her first offense will determine the amount of her fine and if she has jail time or not in her future.

When drunk driving is discovered in Manhattan and The Bronx any injuries are going to cost the driver a lot of money.

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