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Bus Passenger Sues


Passengers are questioning a bus driver’s statement that he was well-rested and alert the morning his tour bus crashed into a pole in New York, killing 15 people on board.

The expert reports that in a lawsuit, a passenger claims the driver fell asleep while driving when the bus wrecked on March 12 while coming home from the Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville, Conn.

The passenger was sitting in the back and saw the bus veer onto the rumble strip three times in a 20-minute period before the crash on Interstate 95 according to his lawyer. He said his client did not see a tractor-trailer careen toward the bus, as the driver claims.

The bus turned over on its side, and its roof was ripped off by a sign stanchion. The passenger in question says he had injuries to his shoulder and spine but was able to climb out through the damaged roof.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in a Brooklyn court and is the second court case of its kind.

“He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t even smoke. He takes his job very seriously and he was alert, and is a great driver,” it was said about the driver. The driver was tested for drugs and alcohol and both came out negative.

State police said soon after the crash that according to witness reports the driver was speeding. The bus driver has a criminal history but has tried to put everything behind him and wanted nothing more than to just be a good driver. This accident and it’s victims are intent on hindering that.

He redeemed himself for his mistakes made years ago,” his lawyer said. “His life was straight. He was doing well until this horrible accident.”

Suffolk County in New York State has stepped up the care of tour buses since the crash. Dozens of buses have been removed after police found issues with logbooks, licenses or equipment. Investigations are still pending in this case. They will determine the extent of the personal injury.

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