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Camp Counselor Commits Suicide After Being Target of Sex Probe


A camp counselor shot himself after allegations of child molestation surfaced. The day after police began an investigation into claims that the counselor molested a boy in 1985, the counselor committed suicide. The boy, now 35-years-old, says he was encouraged to come forward by the revelation in a senator’s biography that the senator was also molested as a boy.

The senator attended the same camp as the accused counselor, when he was a boy. He was abused at an unnamed summer camp. It is now known that the senator attended the camp in question and they wrote a letter of apology to the senator.

The sentor spokeswoman told a New York Injury Lawyer, “the senator is aware of the reported suicide at [the camp], but wants to emphasize he does not know the deceased and has never met him.”

The camp also had a statement. “The [camp] family is deeply saddened by the loss of our long time employee. Our heartfelt prayers are with [the counselor’s] family.”

The state police began their investigation when an attorney faxed them a letter detailing the abuse his client suffered as a child, sources revealed to a NYC Personal Injury Lawyer. The police responded quickly.

After the suicide, the attorney received two phone calls from other adult men who claimed they had also been abused by the counselor.

“There were red flags,” the attorney said. “The questions remain: What did the supervisors know? When did they know? And what did they do about it?”

A former camp employee explained that camp administrators had been informed the counselor had child pornography on his computer in the late 1990s, but they did nothing about it. He even contacted police in 2002 and told them, but nothing ever happened.

“I know of two children personally who said that (the counselor) abused them,” the former employee said. He did not say anything further about the matter.The attorney is even now looking into filing a civil suit against the camp and finding out what the supervisors knew. “Children need to be protected,” he said.

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