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Car Accident Kills Five, says New York Injury Lawyer


Accidents happen everywhere, and while we often think of automobile accidents as being a strictly American phenomenon, the following is a sobering reminder that death awaits everyone if they are not careful behind the wheel, said a New York Injury Lawyer.

There dead number nearly half a dozen, all from one accident, all from one careless, out of control, needlessly reckless and dangerous and stupid driver, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. One man, traveling down streets that are not properly paved, streets littered with trash, people, stands, and wildlife and cattle, streets not fit to be walked on let alone driven on, and of course, because what story is not complete without it, the man was speeding, notes a New York Injury Lawyer. Not speeding in the ordinary sense, but speeding in the sense that he was driving so fast that even in a nation where people are quite used to crazy driving he was seen as especially dangerous, says a New York Injury Lawyer. And, as a kicker: he did not have a license to drive.

Because of this, because of this terrible confluence of events, where upon bad roads, bad driving, and a bad car, all came together, five wonderful and magical people are dead. Five souls are now forever gone, having left the earth, never to return, never to smile, never to laugh, forever just memories in the wind, said a New York Injury Lawyer. There may be no justice for the dead. The nation is not known for its law and order. Be grateful, said one New York Injury Lawyer, that you live in a country where there is justice for the dead.

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