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Casino Worker to Get Day in Court


Every day she woke up and went to work. She had a life to provide for, family, friends, a whole host of people and reasons why getting up and working was important. She didn’t complain, she just did her job. All she asked in return was that her working environment be safe, that she not risk her health and possibly even her life in exchange for a paycheck, said a New York Injury Lawyer. And that was not provided for her, according to the woman’s lawsuit. She filed suit against her casino gaming employer, alleging that the casino’s practice of permitted gamblers to smoke caused her to be exposed to second hand smoke and that second hand smoke was having a disastrous impact on her life and could maybe one day even kill her, noted a New York Injury Lawyer.

What is worse, from her point of view, is that the casino did not just permit the smoking but actively encouraged it by giving gamblers free cigarettes. And, if that was not enough, the employees were specifically told that if a gambler asked if they minded the employee should say that smoking was no problem at all. Except that it was and now she wants to be compensated for her injuries, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. The almighty dollar was all that mattered to the casino bosses and in an effort to chase down every cent they could, to line their pockets just a little more, they put all of their employees at risk, said a New York Injury Lawyer. Now those employees will have their day in court.

Everyone has a right to a safe working environment. If your employer has created a dangerous condition and forces you to work in it you have rights. Contact a New York Injury Attorney today to find out more.

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