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City of Wichita agrees to pay $300,000 to family of man killed in police collision, claims New York Injury Lawyer


Last December, a 30 year old man was killed when his vehicle, a Saturn coupe, was struck by a police patrol car en route to a call of shots fired in the vicinity. The man was not wearing a seat belt and was pronounced dead at the hospital after the accident, says a N York Injury Lawyer. 

According to reports, the police car was traveling without lights and sirens in a speed zone of 40 mph. The patrol car is said to have been exceeding the speed limit in order to make it to the call and was following procedure. The family of the man who dies filed a negligence claim. 

Reports obtained by the New York City Injury Lawyer state that the family of the deceased man has agreed to the $300,000 settlement and the city is willing to pay it even though they insist that paying the fine is not the same as assuming liability for the accident. The reasoning is that the time and expense involved in fighting the case would be more expensive overall than the settlement that was reached. 

The officer that was driving the patrol car that struck the Saturn and killed the man is still on active duty in Wichita, though he is no longer patrolling the streets at this time. He is scheduled to go on trial sometime in January for vehicular manslaughter, which would be a misdemeanor charge.

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