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Comic Jerry Seinfeld’s Wife Being Sued for Copyright Infringement


Stand up comic and television personality Jerry Seinfeld has recently had to see his wife sued on charges of copyright infringement, says a New York Personal Injury Lawyer. Mrs. Seinfeld, who recently published a book entitled, “The Sneaky Chef,” is fighting to keep the case against her from being reinstated.

The book, which is a witty cookbook filled with recipes that are designed to satisfy younger children, is said to have stolen recipes from another book which has very similar recipes. Mrs. Seinfeld’s attorney has defended his client by showcasing the differences between the two books, namely that Mrs. Seinfeld’s book is far more humorous and decidedly lighter fare, whereas the other cookbook is far more serious and is even somewhat lecture prone, making it very different from “The Sneaky Chef.” The style and approach of the two books should outweigh the exact ingredients in a few of the recipes.

The judge hearing the case was making a few jokes of his own, specifically addressing the supposedly innovative nature of some of the recipes. He mentioned that it seemed the idea of making a healthy puree and then hiding it in other recipes may not be so creative after all. No word as of yet as to the outcome of the case, but it appears at present that Mrs. Seinfeld is safe.

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