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Confer With a New York Injury Lawyer If You Break Your Wrist Like Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan, 20, goes to the hospital with injuries so often that we’ve made a category just for her.

For the fourth time this year, she was rushed to the hospital for an injury. This time she fell at a Fashion Week party at Milk Studios in New York and fractured her wrist in two places.

Apparently there is going to be an investigation into the matter because Lohan claims Milk Studios did not do enough to prevent such an accident.

If you or a family member sustains a personal injury and you think there was negligence involved, you may have a cause for action. You should consult an experienced New York Injury Attorney and get a professional opinion as to whether or not you have a case which can be pursued. Not doing so could cost you. The right Lawyer can make the difference

At the time she lost her balance, Lohan was clad in ostensibly sensible shoes–flat-heeled Chanel boots, as opposed to stilettos, [Linday’s rep Leslie Sloane] Zelnick said.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates with its injury lawyers, has convenient locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area including Levittown, Long Island. Our attorneys can provide you with personal injury advice when you have an injury caused by someone else’s negligence. Without an attorney you will not know all your rights and may not be properly protecting you and your loved ones. We at Stephen Bilkis & Associates can supply a Criminal Attorney, if you have need of one in your Injury Law case.

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