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Continued from September 1 ….Safe Driving tips for our Teens to keep a New York Injury Attorney out of you and your childrens rear view mirror


4) In the evening is the most dangerous time for anyone to drive let alone young inexperienced drivers. If you are going to suffer a serious injury in New York as a result of a car accident the liklihood is that the accident will occur at night. Most people in New York suffer the most serious of injury because people fall asleep at the wheel drunk driving and people vision and distance perception is not as good. So don’t let an inexperienced driver out past sunset, expecially in New York City. Treat nightime driving as if your child has to pass another road test. Keep everyone safe and free from injury

5) Gradually allow your teen greater freedom on the road. Local uncrowded streets are a better forum to learn on than the crowded New York City streets or the highways. This way you can keep everyone safe and injury free, out of both a lawyer and doctor’s offices.

6) Inform your child that the courts and lawyers have decided the issue, that driving in New York State is a privilege not a right. Driver’s licenses can be taken away and that there are consequences that can involve injury and even jail if they act reckless behind the wheel in New York.

Be sure they are aware of their responsiblities as drivers and if they don’t respect that they could wind up losing the keys or worse. Explain to them the drinking and driving laws and that is a sure way to be either injured and/or arrested and then need to hire a lawyer just to get their freedom back.

7) Finally, make your child contribute someting to the car insurance.Let them understand that there is cost for it and it will go up if they are not careful. Let them know if there is an accident or an injury or a cost for lawyers they are going to have to pay for it. Some companies give discounts to teens with good grades and are on the honor roll. Some insurance companies give discounts if you complete a safe driving course.If there is a discount given, reimburse your child so they can learn both the value of money and being successful bears fruit.

This New York Injury Lawyer is telling you from experience make sure your kids are before you put them on the road.

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