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Cop Beaten After Wife Calls 911, New York City Injury Lawyer Reports


An NYPD cop was beaten by his fellow officers with batons, after his wife called 911 for help with a gang of thugs, New York Injury Lawyers have learned.

The officer’s right hand was broken and he received a number of bruises from the kicks and club blows delivered by the police who should have been there to help him. They were called when a gunman threatened guests at the officer’s daughter’s birthday party.

The six-year veteran cop, who works at the 110th Precinct is black, and his assailants were white, which leads some to believe the attack may have been racially motivated. “They didn’t treat me like a house owner calling for help,” the officer told a New York Injury Lawyer. “Everyone who lives in the 113th Precinct is not a perp.”

The officer’s wife made the 911 call at around 1:15 a.m. as her unarmed husband confronted thugs armed with guns and bats who came in as partygoers were leaving. “I told the 911 operator it’s my daughter’s 21st birthday and my husband is a police officer and there’s a young man with a gun,” she told a New York Injury Lawyer.

“Who do we call now?” she continued. “It’s very hurtful to know you can’t trust the police officers in your neighborhood. I feel like the 113th Precinct is our enemy.”

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