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County Employee Wins Lawsuit for defamation of character


A former local county employee was victorious recently in a lawsuit that correctly accused a county commissioner of posting something inappropriate on the Internet defaming his character.

Court reports and documents reported that the county commissioner accused of the posting was ordered by the jury to pay the employee nearly $4,000 in compensatory damages and nearly $1,500 in punitive damages. New York Injury Lawyers reported that the jury deliberated for less than 30 minutes.

The plaintiff claimed the county commissioner sent out harsh words of criticism about his job performance on a local electronic mailing list, which was viewed by thousands of users and he was humiliated.

The plaintiff was seeking nearly $80,000 in damages but was only able to get the $5,500 due to the nature of the case and the fact that he didn’t lose his job or his reputation completely over the annoying matter.

With the use of social networks, electronic communication and the Internet, it is more and more difficult to defame somebody’s character without paying a price according to technology experts.

“Electronic print is forever – you can’t erase it,” one source said and added. “Even 20 years ago, people weren’t using the Internet and electronic communication the way they are now. People just weren’t in trouble for this sort of thing as much because they were talking quietly among themselves on the phone and not typing it in for the world to see.”

The county commissioner said she is relieved the case is over and hopes to move on.

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