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Coyote Killed After Attacking Three, New York Injury Lawyer Reports


A coyote went on a rampage in a Westchester town, attacking three people before finally being caught by trappers, according to New York Injury Lawyers. The attacks began when the coyote came out of the woods into a cul-de-sac and went straight for some kids tossing a football.

“It came right at me,” a 14-year-old boy told a New York Injury Lawyer. “I smacked it out of the way before it had a chance to bite me. I did it twice. Then I smacked it a third time and chased it away from the other kids.” He suffered minor cuts to his hands.

Less than an hour later, the beast was half a mile away, sneaking into a family’s front yard. It tried to tried to catch a 2-year-old girl who was there with her father. “We were sitting outside playing,” the father said to a New York Injury Lawyer. “I sensed something out of the corner of my eye, but by that time it was grabbing her.”

He managed to pull the child away before it could bite down on her arm, but the coyote persisted. He protected the girl and both of them received only minor injuries. All three were given rabies shots at a local hospital. When the coyote was finally brought to bay by trappers, it bit off the head of one it is own puppies, then lunged at an officer, who shot it dead. The animal will be tested for rabies.

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