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Cruise Passengers Catch Illness


Royal Caribbean’s latest return to Tampa wasn’t so sunny. After a six-day cruise, many guests came down with what the company has called a gastrointestinal illness. Reports of the intensity or cause of the illness were not released at the time of this statement. Everyone seems to be recovering fine from the ordeal.

Passengers and their families were treated for free due to the large amount of people who contracted the illness, states a New York Injury Lawyer. Passengers stated that they couldn’t have been happier with how the situation was handled. From the captain down to the crewmembers, everyone was the epitome of professionalism and decorum. But this is a case of product liability.

After any outbreak of illness, the ship must be cleaned before any new passengers step on board, reported a passenger. This cleaning isn’t the usual run-of-the-mill cleaning that normally takes place between cruises, but an intense ultra-cleaning.

This super cleaning causes problems for other passengers, to the tune of a 5 hour delay in boarding for the next cruise. Passengers were given the option to wait or to not go on the cruise. Passengers had traveled from as far away as The Bronx and Brooklyn.

No one seemed to mind the delay, however. Many people spent the time touring Tampa, while others wiled away the hours in local bars new the port. Royal Caribbean announced that the ship was undergoing “enhanced sanitation” and would be expected to depart by 9:30 p.m.

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