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Cruise Ship Passengers Forced to Eat Rotten Food


They were forced to eat rotten food and stale bread. Spoiled milk was on the menu for one couple, who were celebrating their honeymoon, says a New York Injury Lawyer. A young couple, deeply in love, hoping to begin the rest of their lives, now forced to survive on rotten milk and aged turkey sandwiches. They had their choice between fruit that had gone bad or fruit that was not yet good, noted a New York Injury Lawyer. They all lived in fear of eating anything because they just didn’t know what it was. The poor honey mooning couple had to clean out their own toilet because the over powering stench of fecal matter was so bad they could not sleep, says a NYC Injury Lawyer. Yes, they spent their honey moon sleeping next to human waste.

Some passengers on the cruise ship that was stranded in the middle of the ocean tried their best to make a bad situation good, pretending they were camping by sleeping on the deck at night, notes a New York City Injury Lawyer. But that was little comfort when word came that one of the rescue boats had broken down. Another tragic event for those trapped. And even once they eventually would get to shore, if they ever did, there was more bad news: the cruise ship company was desperately trying to find hotels and plane tickets for everyone on board. And that was proving to be difficult. But, there was some light at the end of the tunnel: the bar finally opened.

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