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CTA Robber Kills Woman


A man who knocked a woman down the stairs during a robbery on a CTA platform is being sought after for questioning, related a New York Injury Lawyer with ties to the case.

The woman 68, was rushed to the hospital, but died of a head injury, explained the N York Injury Lawyer.

Police are still looking for the robber, and have issued a community alert and been handing out fliers at the CTA’s Fullerton station. They are hoping the fliers will lead to more witnesses coming forward so the killer can be caught.

The woman who died wasn’t the target of the robbery which happened on Monday afternoon before 5 o’clock. The perpetrator grabbed the iPhone of a different person and happened to knock down the deceased while trying to make his escape.

Since a death is involved, the police are investigating it with the same importance as if it were a homicide. As far as police and investigators know the robber himself was unharmed and probably thinks he got away with his crime. Police are urging anyone with any information regarding this case to please come forward even if what they have seems significant.

The woman will be missed by her family and those in the community who knew her, as it was a tragic and senseless crime that led to a death, and all for an iPhone. The man whose iPhone was stolen felt responsible even though her family strongly urged him not to feel guilty and that it was the man who robbed him and pushed her down the stairs with no regards to anything except for whether he would get his iPhone.

People in the community were outraged at the pitiful nature of this crime and have publicly expressed their disgust. Police are hoping that this will make someone somewhere come forward with some information even if it is minor.

The man is still being sought and an investigation is pending by local police and the CTA until further notice.

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