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Deadline for filing lawsuit against Farve has passed


There has been no lawsuit filed against former Jets quarterback Brett Farve for workplace sexual harassment. Under New Jersey law, the statute of limitations for filing a workplace sexual harassment claim is two years, which has now elapsed, a New York Injury Lawyer informed. Farve allegedly texted obscene messages to a woman who was also employed by the Jets as a sideline reporter at the time. The woman claims that the messages and pictures she received from Favre were unsolicited and full of sexual overtones that made her uncomfortable. This could easily be considered a work injury case in Manhattan and Long Island.

The scandal was highly publicized and threats of a lawsuit were pending, but surprisingly, no lawsuit was ever filed. though the date for filing a workplace sexual harassment lawsuit has elapsed, there are other avenues that the woman could choose if she were to continue to take legal action against him. Under New Jersey law, the woman could still file a sexual harassment charge against the football superstar without having such time constraints placed upon the case, as long as it was not a workplace sexual harassment charge.

According to the New York Injury Lawyer, the NFL is conducting an internal investigation into the matter and will reveal its findings as soon as they are known. For now, it seems, the uncomfortable spotlight has been dimmed, but Farve could face more trouble in the future, depending upon what the investigation finds. At this time, neither Farve nor the woman who alleges his sexual misconduct could be reached for comment on the situation.

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