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Deadly Mexican Restauant Shut Down, Says New York Injury Lawyer


The most dangerous thing at a local Mexican hot spot may not be the food at all, but the actual building itself, city officials told a New York Injury Lawyer. Inspectors temporarily shut down the famed Little Italy establishment, which has been known to host such celebrities as Beyonce, Kate Hudson, and George Clooney, stating that the stairway leading to the basement dining room is “imminently perilous to life” in an emergency.

New York Injury Lawyers have discovered a citation from the mayor’s Office o Special Enforcement that states the restaurant does not provide proper egress for employees or customers, and its walls and ceilings are flammable. The owners claim the city approved the setup before they opened in 2005 and again when a new addition was later made, but this time was different.

“They wrote a series of violations all citing the new 2008 building code, even though our building has always fallen under the older code,” one of the owners told a New York Injury Lawyer. “This is going to take days to resolve, at the very least, and we are losing revenue, and paying our staff, which has been with us for years.” One neighbor has lodged 311 complaints about the smoke vented from the restaurant, as well as about the noise from the outdoor seating. None of these complaints had anything to do with the safety violations.

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