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Deepwater Horizon Widow Settles Lawsuit


The Deepwater Horizon Oilrig explosion and subsequent oil spill devastated many families, lives, and coastlines. The man made devastation was incalculable. A New York Injury Lawyer has learned that the widow of one of the 20 crewmen that was killed by the explosion has settled her lawsuit with BP. As a result of the settlement, the presiding U.S. District Judge agreed to dismiss the suit.

While the exact terms of the settlement were not disclosed, her lawsuit against the BP partners that were named as a part of the suit was also dismissed. It appears that the only party involved in the disaster that was not named in her suit was Transocean, who was the owner of the rig.

This lawsuit is but one of the more than 350 lawsuits that have been filed against BP, Transocean, and the many companies and contractors that were part of the oil-drilling project, sources told a NYC Personal Injury Lawyer. Each of these are from parties who claim to have been injured and/or suffered economic loss due to either the explosion itself, or due to the resulting oil spill that affected so many beachfronts and communities.

The owner of the rig, Transocean, still faces at least one federal lawsuit from the victims. For those victims who want to file a claim in that lawsuit, the deadline the federal court has set is April 20, which incidentally is the one-year anniversary of the oil rig’s explosion.

While it may be relatively simple to attempt to assess the blame for the tragedy, what many of the people in the Gulf region have experienced can defy belief. While there are those whose losses may be simplified by their having a little oil wash up on their beaches, others have endured events that are more dramatic–events, which have altered the course of their lives forever. No one should ever forget about those who died as a result of this disaster.

During the course of these events, one thing remains explicably clear, with all of the technologically advanced equipment and instruments, no one, according to the official reports, prepared for the ultimate worst-case scenario, which ultimately happened.

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