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58 year old Linda Rizzo was a patient of Gideon Kay, DDS. In August of 2006 she learned that a fire occurred which destroyed the office as she was in the process of undergoing reconstructive dental care. She than received a letter stating that Kay was not planning on reopening the practice and that she needed to seek a new dentist. Rizzo was very unhappy with this news, stating that the dental work she underwent was not properly done and she had already paid for all the work in advance, which was not completed due to the fire. The injuries consisted of permanent injuries to her gums and jaw making it difficult for her to chew food, limiting her to strictly soft foods. She also claimed that her bite was misaligned and talking became very painful due to the fact that Kay’s restorative dentist’s inserted upper and lower bridges that did not fit properly further causing headaches, inflammation of her gums and shooting pains through her jaw. Rizzo filed a suit against Kay claiming that he never provided notice that his treatment would be terminated and contended that she was deserted in the midst of treatment. The jury did find Kay liable for Rizzo’s damages awarding her $490,000 for future medical cost, and past and future pain and suffering.Medical Malpractice is when professional negligence is acted or omitted by a health care provider where care provided causes injury or death to a patient. Such negligence includes and is not limited to an error in diagnosis, treatment, or illness management, if the doctors’ actions deviated from accepted standards of practice, or if the hospital has improper care or inadequate training, such as problems with medications or sanitation.

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