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Disneyland Monorail Crash leaves one seriously hurt and one fatality. If this happens in New York, you need a New York Injury Lawyer.

There was a two monorail train crash in Walt Disney World, Florida. The monorails were part of the Epcot line in Magic Kingdom. They smashed into each other when they were pulling into the ticket and transportation center. Reports do not say what the cause of the accident was, but the entire 14.7 mile train line has been shut down for investigation. The trains were carrying a combined total of five passenger and 4 employees, including the two drivers. One driver suffered a fatal injury. The other was taken to the hospital; the extent of his injury has not been made public as of yet. The other passengers and employees did not sustain any serious injury. Walt Disney World claims this is the first fatality on their monorail line since it started running 38 years ago.

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