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Doctor Conspires to Kill Three to Save His Money


Prosecutors have revealed the plot of a New Jersey doctor who plotted to have his wife, his lover, and his former business partner – all three – murdered. The 63-year-old internist is still in jail with $2.5 million bail.

While the man was arrested last year as part of a Medicaid fraud investigation, authorities uncovered a disturbing series of plots. A New York Injury Lawyer reveals that it is not uncommon for police to question someone about one crime and inadvertently stumble onto information about another. Officials in the process of investigating one series of events will often find evidence of other wrongdoings, related and otherwise.

They learned that the doctor had long desired to hire an acquaintance of his to kill his lover. Why did he want to suddenly end this relationship? Because he owed her $250,000 and because he feared his wife would discover his philandering, according to a Queens Personal Injury Lawyer.

The discoveries didn’t stop there. Another plot to kill his former business partner was soon uncovered. Why did the doctor want this man dead? He needed to settle a long-standing dispute, and apparently he felt the death of the other man was the only sure way to do so.

Later, while the good doctor was in jail because of the earlier Medicaid investigation, yet another plot unfolded when he tried to hire a man to kill his wife. What was his reasoning in attempting to hire an inmate? He feared his wife would divorce him and take his money.

The doctor – a person charged with ensuring the sanctity of life – plotted to kill three people in order to save his money from the hands of others, and he now faces three counts of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder. It is unclear at this time whether the doctor yet has an attorney.

There has been no word from the wife, the lover and the former business partner at this time. It is unclear if the plans to hire these people ever progressed to any actual act of violence.

Strains exist that stress families. Infidelity and fiscal improprieties are just two of the areas that create discord and result in a personal injury mishap. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, contact Stephen Bilkis and Associates for guidance and a free consultation.

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