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Doctor-Pilot Remained Calm Until the Very End


A doctor-pilot showed no sense of alarm even minutes before her small plane went out of control and crashed in a fiery explosion, sources told a New York Injury Lawyer.

The doctor’s plane, a Cirrus SR22, had just been cleared for landing, when she aborted the effort, causing the four-seater craft to bump up and down and finally crash a quarter-mile from the runway. The doctor, 70, her stepson, 44, and his wife, 47, all from Manhattan, perished in the explosion. “Her last words were that she was going to ‘go around’,” a source told a New York Injury Lawyer.

Controllers could do nothing as the doctor’s plane went out of control, striking the ground propeller first two times before crashing and bursting into flames, the source told a New York Injury Lawyer. “[The doctor’s] goodness was a beacon for all the young doctors who passed through her program,” the doctor’s husband said when talking of her work at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

The doctor’s cousin said of the family, “Their loss is incalculable. [The doctor] did so much good for so many people.” The doctor’s stepson was a bank executive and his wife was a fashion designer who “were besotted with one another”, the cousin said.

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