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Doctor’s Death is discussed


A former doctor of a Boston hospital died on February 18, 2011. Though this is not usually newsworthy, a New York City Injury Lawyer says the doctor’s death has opened the door for accusations to resurface. The doctor, a former employee of Children’s Hospital Boston had recently been sued over accusations that thousands of his pediatric patients had been sexually abused.

The law suit came just one day before the doctor’s death. The doctor was not only a pediatric doctor, but also a bestselling author who was in his early seventies. The doctor was residing in North Carolina prior to his death, but law enforcement is refusing to comment on when or how his death occurred. A New York Injury Lawyer reminds readers that the doctor never wavered on denying allegations. In fact the Boston lawyer who represented the recently deceased doctor is quoted as saying, “this entire episode is a tragedy”. The doctor’s counsel stated that the physician steadfastly denied the allegations and stated his treatment of all children was appropriate in every respect. The family members that were contacted following his death are refusing to comment.

Immediately preceding the death of the former 19 year physician a class action lawsuit had been filed. The lawsuit contended that the doctor had sexually abused as many as 5,000 patients in his 19 years at Children’s Hospital, reiterates one New York Injury Lawyer. The suit specifically represented patients of the doctor from the years 1966 to 1985. The suit named both the doctor and the hospital. The hospital was included because it allegedly failed to supervise the doctor allowing him to commit malpractice. Lawyers in Manhattan and Long Island are confronted with these problems every day.

The suit included 40 former patients. The patients were all young boys at the time of the alleged incidents which included, what the boys called, unnecessary genital exams. The lawyer for the prosecution told reporters that the doctor did not allow the parents in the exam room on a typical visit, saying they would interfere with his ability to properly complete an exam. The prosecuting attorney also states that the doctor would have boys strip for all exams in their entirety, no matter the reason for the visit. It has also been stated that the doctor preformed prolonged genital exams on young male patients.

It has not yet been decided whether the doctor’s estate will sought after for retribution. In fact the attorney for the prosecution will only offer condolences to the family of the recently deceased doctor at this time. He states that the individual clients and the clients as a group will have to decide whether or not to pursue the claims. When asked, a New York Injury Attorney stated that the claims were still viable and retribution could be sought, but it would be up to how the families felt about pursuing a guilty verdict on a dead man.

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